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"APRIL FOOLS!!  Got you, Twilight!"

"Pinkie, you didn't even do anything.  You just walked up to me and shouted 'April Fools'.  In fact, it's not even April 1st yet."

Pinkie Pie glanced over at the clock on the wall at Twilight's house.  She quickly apologized with a "Sorry!" and hopped away from Twilight's home.  Twilight sighed and shut the door.

"You know, Spike, I hope she doesn't go overboard with April Fool's jokes tomorrow.  Pinkie Pie's hard enough to handle on any normal day.  I can't imagine what she'd be like when given encouragement."

Spike sat up in his bed and yawned.  "I doubt tomorrow will be any different than last year.  You didn't even get pranked, remember?"

"I know...but I didn't have the friends I do now.  Hm...maybe I should put a little something together for them."

Twilight pondered for a moment, then shook her head and gave up.  "Nah, I'll figure it out later.  Night, Spike."



"Oh Twilight, thank you ever so much for coming by this early in the morning!" exclaimed Rarity.  "I have this dress that I need to finish up, and there are a few issues with the design that I simply cannot perfect on a mannequin pony.  Would you mind slipping into this outfit for me?"

"Sure, Rarity.  I'd be happy to help."

"Alright then, hold still, and look directly in front of you as I put this on."

Twilight stood still and let Rarity slip the dress onto her.  It felt like an odd fit, and the inside of the dress was uncomfortable, and...slimy?  Twilight decided not to say anything, and let Rarity finish.

"There you go! doesn't look quite like I expected.  Can you take a few steps around for me?"

Twilight walked around Rarity's room for a bit in the dress, stopping for a moment to look at herself in the mirror.

"Hey Rarity, I don't mean to question your judgment, but isn't this dress a little...well...bad?"

"Oh, it's fine, darling.  I think I'll toss the design out, anyway.  Now that it's on you it looks nothing like I imagined.  Well, thanks for coming over anyway.  Lots of work to do!  I'll get this off for you.  There.  See you later!"

Twilight exited Rarity's room, and swore she heard Rarity snicker as she left.  As Twilight walked outside, she soon found everyone in town snickering at her.  She quickly rushed over to a window, and in her reflection she saw that her coat of fur had been painted white with black splotches, like a cow!  She glared over to the balcony of Rarity's house, where the pony was standing with a smug look on her face.

"April Fools~"

Rarity laughed and walked back inside.  Twilight, half-ready to die, screamed out for Rainbow Dash.  Within seconds, the pegasus flew down out of the sky to see her.

"Hey Twilight, what's u-HAHAHAHAHA"

Rainbow Dash sat on the ground, laughing hard and pointing at Twilight.  "Did Rarity do this?  Oh man, I have to give her a high five for that one.  That's priceless!"

"Just wash it off."

"Okay, okay, hehehe."

Rainbow Dash pulled a raincloud out of the sky and over Twilight.  She hopped on it a few times, causing it to storm over Twilight.    After a few moments, she was wet, but clean.  Twilight stepped out from under it, shook the water out, then asked, "Aren't you going to put that cloud away?"

Rainbow Dash replied, "Nah.  It's April Fools.  I'll let some other pony get soaked.  Have fun!", before flying off.


"So what exactly do you need my help for?" Twilight exclaimed as she followed a worried Fluttershy back to the forests near her home.

"Oh Twilight, it's terrible!  I was looking out for a group of critters as usual, but I accidentally spooked one of them, and she ran into a burrow to hide!  Normally this wouldn't be such a problem, but then a bunch of dirt and rocks fell and buried her inside!  It's awful!  Please, Twilight, can you use your magic to save the poor thing?"

"Alright.  I'll see what I can do."

Twilight took a step towards the blocked burrow and closed her eyes.  Her horn glowed, and after a few moments the dirt and rocks cleared, exposing the burrow to the sunlight.  Finally, she finished up and sighed, opening her eyes and calling out to the lost animal.

"You can come out now!  It's okay!  There's nothing to be afraid of, little, Fluttershy, what kind of animal did you say was lost in here?"

Twilight turned her head to look at Fluttershy when asking her question, but less than a moment later, she felt herself being sprayed with something.  She took a sniff, and with wide eyes, realized that she had been had.

Fluttershy giggled before answering, "A skunk.  I guess she could have dug herself out after all.  April Fools!"

Annoyed, Twilight walked off.  As she was wondering how to get rid of the smell, she felt a sudden downpour of rain, accompanied by a familiar voice.

"Whoo-ee!  I saw the whole thing, Twilight!  Pranked by Fluttershy?  I never would have guessed she was the type!  Good thing your pal is here to get rid of the smell, right?"

"It's an odor, Rainbow Dash.  It's not going to wash off with water."

"Oh.  Well, have fun!"

Rainbow Dash flew off, leaving Twilight stuck under the raincloud.  Twilight sighed.

"I wonder if Applejack knows anything that can get rid of this."


"Sure can do, Twilight!  Every so often one of them ponies comes to me with this same problem, and being the generous, helpful cowpony that I am, I fix 'em right up.  Heck, you're lucky I was just harvesting some tomaters, which happen to be the cure-all for skunk smells!"

Twilight was sitting in a tub outside of Applejack's barn, waiting for her to finish grinding up the tomatoes.  She sighed, and thought out loud.

"You know, this is the first April Fool's I've had where I've actually been pranked.  I just never thought of Rarity or Fluttershy as the pranking type.  And I haven't done anything today to anyone."

"Oh Twilight, you're overreacting.  It's all in good fun!  Just means they're comfortable having some fun at your expense, that's all.  Now close your eyes.  You don't want this stuff getting under your eyelids.  Hurts something harsh."

Twilight shut her eyes and let Applejack rub her down with the tomato juice.  Over time, she found the smell dissipating, and soon she smelled like her good old self.

"Now hold on, Twilight.  You don't want your coat to be all red, do ya?  Gimme a few more minutes and I'll get you back to your normal color."

Another few minutes passed, and Twilight was back to normal.  She hopped out and thanked Applejack, then walked off.  But for the third time that day, she heard that snicker.  At first glance, Twilight looked normal, but she took another look at herself, smelled and glared at Applejack.

"This is grape juice, isn't it?"

"Yee-up!  Have fun, girl!"

Applejack walked off, laughing.  Twilight muttered to herself, before feeling yet another rainfall over her.

"Hey, I already doused you twice today!  I figured, why not a third time?  Make sure that fur is extra-sparkly clean, you know?"

"Thanks, Rainbow Dash.  This'll clean the grape juice right off."

"Grape juice?!  But I thought...what...?  Nevermind..."

Rainbow Dash pouted, then flew into town sulking.


"Okay, what are you three doing here" Twilight asked to the three Ponies who had pranked her that day, and were now standing outside of her house.

Rarity laughed and explained, "Oh, well we haven't heard from Pinkie Pie all day and just figured that she must have something pretty embarrassing planned for you now that it's evening.  So go on, open the door."

Applejack and Fluttershy nodded with her, smiling, as Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes.  Slowly, she opened the door to her home, when suddenly...


The three ponies laughed at Pinkie Pie's sudden appearance inside Twilight's house.  Applejack remarked,

"Well, a little disappointing, but a good startle's always good.  Night, ponies!"

"Wait!"  Pinkie Pie shouted.  "I wasn't fooling Twilight, I was fooling you three!"

"Huh?" murmured Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack.

Pinkie Pie circled the three of them.  "You see, I've been inside all day building up static electricity in my fur!  But with a little help from Twilight, now I can do this!"

As Pinkie Pie walked past the three ponies, their hair stood on end.  Rarity looked down at herself, quite literally shocked.

"Aah!  My fur!  What did you do to it?!  How did you manage to do this?!"

Twilight smirked.  "Oh, I just slipped a little something into your manes as I was 'helping out' earlier.  It was Pinkie's idea.  She had to come to my house last minute to give me the little scraps of metal so I could plant them today."

"Whatever."  Applejack replied.  "A little static electricity ain't gonna bother me, unlike these two sissies over here."

Rarity and Fluttershy were giving futile efforts to fix their fur, when suddenly the three ponies found the rainclouds hovering over them and pouring rain.  Rarity and Fluttershy ran, screaming, "Why are they following us?!"

Even with a soaked mane, Applejack was determined not to give up.  "So I'm wet, too.  I'm a tough girl, I can take it.  Hey...why is this rain purple?"

She looked up and saw Rainbow Dash hovering over the raincloud, squeezing bunches of grapes and dropping them into the raincloud.

"That's what you get for ruining my prank on Twilight!"

Applejack yelled and ran off, but the cloud continued to follow her, attracted to her static electricity.  Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight laughed at their pranks, which inspired Twilight to write to the princess that night.

"Dear Princess Celestia, it can be mean to play a prank on someone, even on a day like today.  But like any jokes between friends, it should always be in good fun.  There's always a line you have to be sure not to cross.  However, friends are friends because they love and trust each other.  Being able to have a bit of fun at each others' expense is just one way of showing that trust."
My submission for an April Fool's contest for Equestria Daily. It's April Fool's day in Ponyville, and seeing as how this is the first time Twilight's been around friends who're actually interested in a good prank, it's quite the learning experience.
MCmkII Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
Not a bad story but delivery of the jokes fall a bit flat. Some more practice would be a good idea. AJ's dialogue feels almost spot on, could do with a bit of a polish. Also, there's a sudden and temporary change from past to present tense when Twilight has her first encounter with Rainbow Dash.
ImBigBob Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
Looking back on it, I can see that there are problems. Twilight goes through a lot, and doesn't really "pay back" everyone as much as she should. But at the same time, these are still her friends, and it's all in good fun, so I couldn't make her much meaner. Not to mention, it's really hard to mimic the tone of a cartoon when text is all you have to work with.

Still, I feel like it all flows together, so changing any scene would change the story overall. I think I'll keep it as is. (though I'm quick to correct tense issues; I should be more careful about that)
dwreanchinotan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
congratz number 5000 deviation on deviant art under the search name my little pony friendship is magic
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